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When all round you is subject to the narcissistic path of disapproval and you find yourself apologising, vindicating yourself, or trying desperately to make others understand; welcome to "VICTIM MODE." Your acceptance of you is far more important than any other person's opinion of you.

Loved ones are the best perpetrators of making you feel utterly like shit and out of love for them you start living your life by their rules, belief systems, and morals then you HATE yourself inside because you are going against your true grain and you start walking the evolutionary path of change through fighting both yourself and your outside world. You want better, more or less, but the challenge is within you.

You may be the odd bod out; you may have ideals, morals, and values, completely different to your family friends and loved ones but that is you and guess what? That is allowed.

If you oblige them; you are living their lives not yours.

This is how you truly learn Self love.

You own all your peccadilloes; big small and utterly ugly; but on you they are magnificently perfect, Your ethos, belief systems make you who you are so,


to the best of your ability.


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