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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This phrase means; the ongoing path of your Karma is totally your responsibility. for centuries we have manipulated all the consequences of Karma to serve our own purpose. You also have to realise that much of our past teachings have been induced by the male gender.This is not a sexual remark. Subservient or what was classed a lower beings have not been allowed to be educated until the second half of the twentieth century.

To emphasize the the barbarism behind much of the old scriptures that were enforced you have to comprehend the narcissistic brainpower behind the leaders throughout history; and don't gt on a high horse for many of our leaders world wide still follow these boys club narcissistic supremacist mentality today and still attract more Nazi followers.

However in the past up to around the seventeenth century MAN believed he was create from God and woman was created from Satan. They believed woman was artificially inseminated by some spiritual being. if the born child was a son she was impregnated by a god if the child was a female she was impregnated by a demon; this then gave them the right to eliminate, burn to the stake, rape and sacrifice the female gender at any time from any age; baby to grandmother.

They sincerely believed and taught that Man was created in God's image.

Now Karma, instead of allowing them to get away with their utter nonsense is the repercussion of their stupidity; OPPOSITE AND EQUAL VALUE;KARMA BALANCES; but, it doesn't correct. that is our interpretation an it is incorrect.This dominant narcissistic attitude exacerbated with each existence until today where we are still FIGHTING this injustice throughout many eastern and western countries, then we pray to their God this same narcissistic god they created for us in the hope that it will save us.

We are created from billion of cells and like everything else in the universe everyone of those cell act and react creating the ongoing path of evolution. god does exist; however, it is not a person, and can't help you for everything in the universe is perfect and responding exactly as it should. The real comic GOD is non-judgemental, non-emotional, and is the Zero code of everything in existence. it is the

"I AM".

In understanding that phenomenon you comprehend that you cannot exist without it and it is entirely dependent on all your future evolution's; so where does that leave you?

For the first time in all our existences you are in the position to experience freedom of choice.

When you judge another, it is your underlying emotional fears that dictate the outcomes of your future existences. If you defend yourself against another for any reason, your underlying fear of powerlessness is what you will create in opposite gender of recipient mode in your later life and next existence.

You recreated the same circumstances, to be re-enacted at the same time in your next life only you will be the recipient. that's your Karma and you created all of it and only you can stop it it from re-occurring. That's freedom of choice.

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