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Updated: May 7, 2022

To orchestrate our symphony of life, we have to analyze every note, every instrument playing it, the synchronised harmonies and echoes throughout the piece. Just like the quilled clef in the image with hundreds of individual curls, every intricate sound must play a phonemic part in the final interlude. Although each twist was individually created, they are synchronised together to perform your musical ensemble. What sound echoes from you, and how does the orchestra mirror your reverberation.

This is how we co-exist in each lifetime. Your world around you is also mathematically encrypted into your binary codes in your DNA as memories. Simplistically explained all the world consists of numbers from five hundred to fifteen hundred. Each of us has one different individual number; but, we are all perfectly integrated in our part of our world to explain our purpose in each existence. We all fit perfectly together like pieces of an enormous jigsaw.

How did we become so fine tuned? How come we are more specifically in tune with one timeline and not so much with another. For example; I was born post war, my grand children were born in the computer age; two different periods in one timeline. The altering of your binary codes determine our paths and our underlying emotional reactions to everything around us alter our binary codes. You may mentally object to the way some people act sexually, mentally financially or physically. You emotionally feel this behaviour is unacceptable. It makes you feel uncomfortable around them or hearing them. It's not the outer actions being performed in front of you that are that is the challenge; it's your underlying uncomfortable emotional feelings informing you of your prejudice and cynicism and the binary codes of those emotions alter the codes within your DNA transforming you to be recipient of those same action in your future life.

You physically transform into that emotional prejudice and wear that garment, and it was created by your thoughts. Translation; you physically become a similar resemblance of unacceptable person you mentally persecuted, because from your underlying prejudice opinion of nonacceptance, you self-actualized.

Now, in this existence, as that victim, you will disapproved of not only who you are, but others who have similar binary codes will persecute you. In fact you may be your worst critique, for you do not want to follow this path; but, you keep becoming entangled in its quicksand. and you cannot get free. This is how finely tuned our algorithmic equations are and how devastating the outcomes of one simple indignation can be. Why do that to you?

Without the proper guidance; this is our automatic default system of action and reaction. the challenge is that this system is constantly taught; however, it is preached in the manner of tit for tat; you do it to me; so I will do it to you.; but that is not the case. there is no us and them; it is only me. The world of self-actualisation is realizing you are responsible for all things surrounding you. If you want this world to continue in the same way then maintain the old action, reaction manoeuvre.

Now with this upgraded knowledge, we can tweak our orchestration We can fine tune it to create a major musical rhapsody to appease any palate. By understanding how to fine tune your every degrading thought, word, and action, because it is only you that you will offend. By fine tuning your instruments, that is your mind, body, and surroundings, you start physically employing a new mode of transport; that is your body.

A personal experience of this was recently uncovered at a family member's funeral. At the wake there was an obvious break in the family traffic so to speak. The end of one dynasty and the beginning of the next. The older generation were all displaying genetic illnesses, along with hierarchy dominance and division. Then the grandchildren were all displaying healthy, strong, vibrancy and energy. The past and future generations co-joined in one room for all to see. The old suffering from bad decisions and they will continue on that path until they decide to stop it.

I've decided to stop my participation in the future denigration of anyone. I too am physically the results of that onerous past. I physically mentally and verbally and fought against them at every opportunity; however, the more I fought the more the fight became empowered and the more powerless I became. The symptoms of the powerlessness was the underlying passion urging me to fight. The symptoms of the powerlessness was the self actualizing force with which I and all that older generation created our future journey. the results are in one way or another each member of the older family have become victims to our genetic ill health.

The ill health for each participant is informing us of our final crescendo in our symphony. Ahead if us in the next generation is a completely new piece of work still being created. The underlying cords have been orchestrated and you can see the development of an amazing instrumental taking shape.

If I allow, I can benefit from the lessons of the new generation instead of the older generation. When an older man or an older woman marries a younger partner they gain a stamina to remain younger. They exercise more; they become more active; they eat better, they live better. This is the key component to our better future lives. The older generation will not rectify the past indiscretions of bad behaviour that led us to these disabilities; but, we can still start physically altering our binary codes and DNA to transform us into the new generation now. Finding exercise and rehab sessions that will enhance our living standards; strengthen our heart, liver, and kidneys Eat with better stronger health in mind; pass up the bingo to go for a walk in the park or walk before you go to bingo. Learn computer courses that make you creative and inspiring. Allow the older generation to remain the older generation, they will follow when it is their time not before. You meddle you will return to the old path because you are judging. That will ruin your beautiful rhapsody.

This is your new piece of music. Now you are singing your own song.

Your grand children may be your great grand parents, uncles and aunts, and you are watching the unfolding of your future path in action. You don't know who is who, but you watch your future symphonic orchestration start to unveil before you. Let it excite you; energize you and invigorate you to be keen to return and continue the opus. let them inspire you to be ready by acting now to alter your DNA and transform you into the emotional garment you wish to wear.

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