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You don't have to apologise, validate, justify, or make excuses to anyone but yourself; You are not responsible for another person's path; they are.

If someone says you hurt them...bullshit!

You didn't comply with their rules of you. They didn't get the support they automatically assumed they would get.



Apologies, vindication, justification, are all means to overshadow you and victimize you with their personal power. They are controlling you.

They are totally responsible for their journey as you are for yours. If you subject yourself to their control, you will follow them into their quagmire of envious, petty, narcissistic control.


Our emotional criticisms and judgements are ingrained in the binary codes that incarcerates us to an ongoing dimension of that same emotion.​ If your outer values are based on the envy of the excellence of others then this is the emotional incarcerating path you continue to follow and experience until you determinedly stop and the ability to stop is reflected in the outcome revealed in the environment surrounding you.

Through our ego we use our emotional feelings and senses which are, hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smell to produce our future outcomes based on our the fundamental judgemental fears at each individual moment.You may pass a derogatory comment of someone's unorthodox success however it is the underlying emotional envy, pettiness, and jealousy that is the self-actualizing creative emotion that is altering your binary codes for your next experience, revealing your karmic path.

Our matrix or memory binary codes has recorded all our past information of all our past lives emotional intents and stores them in our DNA then through our karmic cause and effect it has manifested you to this moment in time to repeat the same actions.

You may look in your mirror and see a pretty blonde haired blue eyed princess but the underlying emotional content of who you really are may be a spoiled, self centered, petty brat who has absolutely no respect for others feelings. Two different people; same body.

There are several new rules to abide by and these are principles that have never been discussed before because to do so would alter your perception of everything in the world today.



1. Nothing is ever done to you. Everything is done as feedback for you.

This rule reflects two ways.

The first one is, if someone confronts you, they are reflecting your past; this is what you did at that precise time in history. If you react badly to this person you are informing them of their future path and how this confrontation will affect them.

If you confront another, their reactions either good or bad to you is your future path. This is your karmic resolution. You did not hurt them; you are visualizing how you will be hurt.

By understanding this synopsis you realise that it is the emotional impact of each confrontation that is the controlling issue to be dealt with not the people involved. The overshadowing element imprisoning all the contenders is the emotion revealed in the confrontation. This is who you are.

2. You are emotionally responsible for everything that is and has occurred to you during this existence, no one else. No one can hurt you only you can. No one controls your emotions only you, so your pain is your choice. You purpose now is to figure out the emotion imprisoning you to a false pain.

3. Everything within your specific emotional dimension is attached to all forms of other petty emotions, logic, or belief systems, and through your DNA it is binding you to be the enforcer of that same victimizing emotion or belief system thus defining how you are supposed to live, act and behave in each incarnation.

You self-actualized this in your past life and now because your DNA is already imprinted with this past life emotional personality; you personify it from birth; so, without ever knowing it you are automatically synchronised with all your past persecutors.

4. Once you realise that, you can deliberately choose to live within your imprisoned walls because society dictates you to do so,....or

you can choose to step out of your prison of victimisation and live the life you choose. You can deliberately choose to no longer be anyone's victim. How do you do that? you understand that their choices define their life and your choices define yours.


Stepping back and realizing that the disorientated paths of others are their choice and in reality are nothing more than feedback for you displaying future options for you to follow; but, if you choose to opt out this choice can empower you beyond your imagination.

Others may have been physically, mentally, or emotionally brutal to you, but you don't have to forgive them, they do; for they will walk their self-actualized path of non-justification; it has nothing to do with you how it uncovers, unless you continue to react with petty immature grievances; thus, inadvertently you will choose to follow, because you are exercising the same bigoted emotional onslaughts.

Allow others to have their existences precisely as they created them. The outcomes are also their choices. A much as you can now see that their outcomes are paths that you would not care to venture on, what you are also doing is providing for them a future where they too choose to opt out.

That's why you should have no remorse or guilt for in doing so you relinquish your real power. By remaining true to yourself, you are owning your own power and using it to not only better your self but the path for others as well.

We've been taught to be compassionate to others. But in that nest of emotional control you are taking their power away, which means in your next life will become victim to the same circumstances. That's why impoverishment and war exits; that's how we maintain them.

Let them go; these paths are from your past, you've already experienced them. Now you know how you became involved in them, how they worked and their final outcome. It's still being exposed before you as feedback again.

Use your options wisely. allow the injustices of the world to remain for they are shadowed paths leading to you. You are their future light.

Now create your future as a clearer, brighter, more acceptable and positive path for you and others to choose to follow. You can do that all by yourself, successfully. NOW DO IT FOR YOU.

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