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Little do we know that when we create our future paths that every detail is entered into. Every deliberate or inadvertent thought, word and emotional reaction is encrypted onto our DNA for you to experience. That information is synchronised with the matrix algorithm of the universe to match you to the family, town, country, and solar system. You are simply billions of cells mathematically synchronized to fit into the universal equation.

We have been taught through history that we believed we were the centre of the entire universe and all things answered to us. Truth is, we aren't even the centre of our universes. This information was available over 25000 years ago but it was rejected by hierarchy in favour of victimized capitalism. Anyone who showed preference to the truth were burned to the stake, drowned, hung or murdered for treason or heresy. These infamous acts of abuse against our fellow man for standing up for human rights are found throughout history, up to and including the 1960's.

Although this period is marked as a revolutionary period in history, it is still "repeated history."

Our emotional kindness has been used as a victimizing weapon against us. What we didn't understand was; our interpretation of our compassion is false. Our caring nature actually creates for us future paths of powerless victimisation because, in our vain effort to assist others, we are actually giving our power away to them and they are rendering us as their powerless victims, following them on a journey of the same hopelessness. From this state of powerless-ness we re-create the same circumstances for us to experience only from the perspective of victim.

We have always felt and been taught that you are your brother’s keeper. We see their powerlessness and automatically offer to help; but, what you are not seeing is; centuries ago this person you are deliberating to assist was standing exactly where you are today. Their abusive or impoverished situation is where it ends. You are being shown their entire journey from beginning to end. You are the beginning, they are the end.

Now step back and see the truth. The truth is, your brother made a bad choice. Your brother is totally responsible for his own life as you are completely responsible for yours. The best thing you can do for your neighbour is find ways to encourage them to stand on their own two feet and resolve their problems from the perspective of non-victimization.

Oh but such an attitude is declared as non-caring injustices and selfishness. My question is, to whom? Some past imperial regents portrayed their 'woe is me' attitudes creating victimising circumstances to enslave the people to save their lying asses with some false illusion that in the future they would be repaid in kind.

When you comprehend that the very rules and regulation of this compassionate ethos was created by greedy, power-hungry past religious and imperial zealots who needed human and financial support to maintain their salacious debauchery and gluttony you can see the lying victimising path that have repeatedly led to the same barbaric circumstances taking place today.

Not one invasion be it through war or usurping was ever achieved without that amazing compassionate speech to make you believe you are doing it to save others

So, out of the kindness of hearts and pockets, the needy are conned out of love, money, effort, and time, into believing that in the future when you are in this same needy position, others will step up and support you; but, that truth was manipulated to serve the benefit of the narcissistic dictators. You join together in masses to destroy another life and livelihood, in several of your next existences, masses will join together to destroy you. They neglected to tell you that.

Popes and Imperials for centuries manipulated circumstances and brethren's fear of hell to steal wealth from the needy in return for some eternal penitence derived by their greed to maintain their social standing; simply another under handed form of victimisation, only they used this disposition to abuse all the innocent loving believers surrounding them. If you find that hard to believe, look at many of your international leaders today. They still partake of that same abuse under the guise of political leadership.

Nothing has changed. Your outside world is still feedback of your past lives; so all you are really doing is emotionally reacting and re-creating the same circumstances for you to re-experience again. So I ask you who is more important? The person representing your past memories who is manipulating you again or you in this present moment NOW.

When I researched my world around me it was predominantly riddled with narcissistic despotism. Now I have a choice; I can assume all their bad behaviour has nothing to do with me or I can take responsibility for it. To do that I have to recognise that my world is not doing anything to me, it is simply feedback of all my past life memories; explaining how, when, where and why I am existing in this world at this specific time; I then have to admit that all the victimising circumstances I have experienced, I created all of it.

Every intricate component of it all, is informing me of all my past existences and experiences and how my reactions to each of them have bought me here today. To do that I have to realise I have been here for a long, long time and I am immortal; but, what does immortality entail. It means you have self-actualise from your emotional status in each existence, then, through Karma, experience it in opposite and equal effect in your next existence; perpetrator to recipient; male to female; narcissistic abuser to powerless victim since I reacted to the zero code of everything creating the ongoing algorithmic patterns of evolution. This is the ongoing continuum of all existence.


From the beginning of this existence my lungs have been a problem, but due to the lack of knowledge at that time nothing was done to prevent further retribution. At 16 months I was diagnosed with whooping cough. I survived, that was an accomplishment; but, nothing else was done to uncover the damage it caused. The codes of the whooping cough and my binary codes synchronised from birth.

My family then lived in a service station and from a very early age I was filling up cars using the rubber hoses. The automatic cut-off hoses were not introduced for many years later, meaning that my lungs were constantly riddled with petrol fumes. I regularly caught what they then called bronchitis.

The family from grandmother to youngest adult all chain smoked in our kitchen; because cigarettes were not classed as cancer sticks then. They were actually recommended through the media as relaxants in stressful situations. They cost 20 cents a packet.

My career path took me to the hospitality industry where the bars reeked of cigarette smoke and the ashtrays were a meter apart..

Breathing has always been difficult for me and many times during a flu epidemic when I would finally be able to see a doctor they would comment that I had actually acquired pneumonia again. The last occurrence that broke me completely was when I worked at a resort in the south western part of Queensland where this refurbished complex had not cleaned out their air vents properly and many of the staff came down with horrendous flu viruses due to the mold and mildew; however, I acquired three bouts of pneumonia in 8 weeks. This was the beginning of the end.

But how did this powerless weakness gain such a foothold on who I am and my existence today?

I then re-analysed the emotional components of my recent past and uncovered how I self-actualised my powerlessness today and how although the circumstances are different, the emotional outcome is exactly the same.

What I had to fathom was, it is not the actions of the people surrounding me, for they are only feedback; it was the stressful emotional impetus that defined my future path of the same emotional powerlessness that I am encountering today. From my inadvertent reactions to my powerlessness environment I self-actualized my constant victimisation into my now physical path.

What I am transcribing now is from the perspective of my personal growth, it is not condemnation. It is personally comprehending how through my reaction to my outer environment in my past, I created this unprecedented path. I thought I was hoping and preparing myself for a better journey; but my real self-actualised intent was going un-noticed, and this is the important lesson I wish to convey. I was self actualizing with an emotional intent of where I didn't want to re-exist. My exterior world was exposing where I didn't want to exist: I reacted to it, re-creating all the powerlessness of my past again, then walked right back into it again. Many friends inform me that my writings not only heal me but heal them as well and that is what I really wish to achieve.

NOW WORD OF WARNING: If you disagree and disapprove, know that your every thought, word and reaction is your journey alone, not mine and every thought, word and reaction you transcribe as feedback for me, defines you… not me! So keep all your narcissistic criticisms to yourself and learn to DELETE POST: or everyone reading your narcissistic bullying responses will know you are a total tool.


I was raised in a post war environment of narcissistic abuse. My entire family from grandparents to younger siblings was highly influenced by this primitive attitude. This type of life was normal for me and I carried it with me everywhere I went. Career, family, schools, marriage, my entire lifestyle was based on this dictatorial influence of bullying and abuse rorm both male and female.

I created my future path at a time when I was studying hypnotherapy. Many new age teachers at the time were instilling in me methods of meditation and more peaceful methods for future lives. So again through my pain I re-created in my mind better futures for me to experience

So, I made a deal with my inner devil or with myself, same thing. I would take the bullying, abuse and lies from my surrounding environment; I would take care of my mother and give her all that she required to make her happy and when she passed away, I would get my life back.

That was my self-actualised plan for myself. I was going to get a full-time job again; sing again; dance again; have my life back again; travel again. until then I would take the BS from my surrounding environment and survive. What I didn't realise at the time was all the environmental abuse I was receiving was karmic cause and effect from my past lives.

I wasn't being harmed by my environment I was being informed. They were my physical past life memories informing me of who I was then and why I was there now.

The path of self-actualisation is dogmatically articulate. It gives you exactly what you ask for; but, what you have to comprehend is where you are creating it all from, past or present?

At the time of my martyred decision to the time my parent passed away every passionate desire I created to have better future was derived from the emotional steadfastness of victimised powerlessness. I was always dreaming of better and happier times ahead; but, for now I’d make her happy instead. Why? Because if I made her happy, then others will make me happy when my time arises. Her beliefs of compassion became my beliefs, but it doesn't happen that way at all.

Now if you re-examine that statement, it is a full-on pity party. In recognition of that situation, I can now understand the feedback of my world around me, and how the narcissistic values of the abusing few still manipulate the majority of the population into victimizing situations of impoverishment and narcissistic capitalism. We keep looking for saviors outside of us; They are not there; we have to save us, no one else can.


What I actually manifested was a life of complete and utter powerlessness. My lungs finally collapsed. I have extremely limited breathing capacity and need my immunity suppressed.

My body thinks my lungs are trying to kill me so instead of healing them, my immune system is trying to annihilate them. It’s the powerlessness of all my past lives wrapped into one. This synopsis eventuated through my feelings of lack of control. Centuries of ongoing scenarios of powerlessness where I kept on fighting back empowering the powerlessness. NOW I’m damned if I do; and I’m damned if I don’t.

The dogmatic intricacies are; I cannot dance a full dance; I cannot sing a full song, and I am unemployable. I live with an oxygen tank minimum 18 hrs per day. Jokingly, my social life consists of doctors, medical staff and chemists.The medication is more a curse than a help, it’s an ongoing no win situation, and I won’t win.

My world is informing me I have lived this form of existence for thousands of years as both male and female as every denomination throughout the world and universe and this is how it ends, if I have the guts to recognise that.

It’s hard when every thought, word and reactions is one of constant struggle and knowing that my struggle will only enforce more, because that was what I experienced and re-acted to in the past; thus, recreating more to experience, only different.

Many psychologists recommend you accept it as it is and do nothing, and that is true. To recognise “that is simply how it is,” is the way to healing; but, understanding what “IT” is, is the real bonus, the real ace up your sleeve, for then you recognise it everywhere around you and you can take stronger control of your life. So first we...


Any form of hope comes from your inner attitude of hopelessness.

Any form of compassion, sympathy, empathy, emerges from past self-enslavement values to serve out of kindness. Your inner need for self-acceptance and self-love. from you ... not them. Teach others how to love themselves and do it for themselves. Teach them how to refrain from victimizing others so they do not have to re-experience the same denigrating situation in their next existence as victim. Now what you are doing is giving them another option. That’s true empowerment; that's giving both you and them your lives back.

Your kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness is a gift to be given to you and ONLY you, not to others. It is wasted on others, for they are reverberating your past lives, old memories of bad habits that you have already experienced. You cannot pick them up, rectify their circumstances or save them. You will only follow them into the same circumstances and repeat it all again from the karmic perspective of opposite and equal value.

For example you may have a friend who is in an abusive relationship and you assist them out of compassion. You are inadvertently being seduced into a victimizing situation that you may follow for centuries up to and including the path where you become the abusive party.

Step back and see your future path displayed before you. At that precise time you have a choice. Do you want to continue that journey of abusive victimization or choose not to. This is where you learn to say "NO"

This answer is not because you are refusing to continue picking them up at the expense of your future existences it is because you have finally uncovered your true value to you.

Learn that you are more valuable to you if you, pick up, rectify and save you first. Love you first; respect you first; empower you first; and don’t be afraid to say “NO.” Then teach your friend to do the same then they can choose to follow or not.

There's a tale of a loud dispute between two women from different generations. Finally the younger one who was representing the older ones future paths yelled in exasperation, "go to hell."

FREEZE FRAME: As the younger generations was reacting to the older she was also informing her of her future path. This should have been a moment of enlightened awakening, instead the older one continued on her passage of vindictive pettiness for decades luring and seducing many innocent compassionate s into her future journey of disdain.

Words of turbulence from others are verbal signs of your future directions. Yes take them personally; They are your "WAKE UP CALLS;" learn how to use them correctly. Someone says to you "they hate you," that means the path you are now traveling will lead you to some circumstance in your future where you will hate yourself. The underlying emotions behind the argument will inform you of the emotions that will cause it.

Due to past historical belief systems I was always fighting back trying to gain my power again thus giving it away by re-creating more lack of power not only for me but for others as well, by luring them to help me and enticing them to follow me into the same powerless situation

I couldn't establish what I had to own I wanted my life back; but, to get my life back meant I wanted re-live that same old reincarnated painful narcissistic crap; but, I don't.

My journey now is to accept all that I re-created again. Know that this path of narcissistic abuse in all its forms is now ended for me and this is how it ends. COMPLETE POWERLESSNESS, NOTHING.

No dreams, hopes, or aspirations; why because my dreams hopes and aspirations are recreated from my past.

Little did I know that is the real answer. Now I do.

I have no future path; I have no past painful paths dictating any future paths.








Gay Le

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