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Own Your Power as a Woman

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

My name is Gay Le. I am an Australian author and I lived in Queensland for the majority of my life and now I live in the wine district of South Australia. Although I was known in small circles around the Downs for my work as the only reincarnational tarot reader and counselor due to my previous research as a hypnotherapist in past life, life between life and NDE's, for a small town girl marketing on a large scale is a little out of my league. I was more hands on and was known by my small groups of clienteles and I would do platforms for different spiritual groups.

I’ve had to study various forms of religions and spiritual practices both historically and metaphysically to support my research of life between life and past life regressions thus determining my life’s journey of developing The Reincarnation Continuum and evaluating why history keeps repeating itself.

With the lack of evidential proof of many of the religious philosophies I had to acknowledge that the faith concept had no substantial support and if it or any component of it did exist the universe would collapse. to this day, everything about the christian faith concept has become a huge money spinner for commercial enterprise. It has also become the largest form of commercial victimization in existence since Constantine developed it in 324AD in the initial bible called "The Edict of Milan."

The uncovering of that minuscule peccadillo literally upended all my past belief systems and allowed me to analyze and eradicate all false man -made victimising systems that scientifically does not comply with the laws of the universe. So if that makes me pagan, agnostic, atheist, that's fine; but, in truth, I'm none of those titles. I'm woman who has found her own direction. I no longer live by the old misogynistic narcissistic males indoctrinated truths of he being created from a GOD and females being in league with some demon named Satan. Fantasy not fact, yet that vulgar synopsis of females in a very underhanded sexual manner is still applies today.

Through my studies of hypnotherapy in the mid-nineties with some very eloquent masters and also in my own quiet way, I have utilised its benefits to unfold many of the mystical myths and theories behind numerous religious, political, and ethnic teachings and how they still determine our attitude today and will define our future paths, creating OUR ONGOING CYCLE OF LIFE that we and all creation follow.

We have been on this planet for over 200000 years and we still cannot live together; we are all still struggling for equality for all; there is still immeasurable poverty, illness, genocide, mass waste and destruction of natural resources, narcissistic violence toward countries, women, children, aged, coloured, and no one truly has found the answer; however, these capitalistic, dictatorial leaders selected by the narcissistic people keep repeating the the same historical movements over and over again without remorse. The German race after WWII claimed ignorance yet they took the Jews homes their lives their jobs without remorse. The USA has destroyed the Marshall islands with nuclear waste after their Cold War exercise has cancerised the nation leaving behind a dump that is now leaking in the pacific ocean yet without remorse claim it is the responsibility of the Marshall islanders. Russia is invading the Ukraine. Britain annihilated all the aboriginals from Tasmania, however the Queen no longer has real power. she and her monarchal heirs represent some royal past, fancy celebrities, so it's not their problem. Their country is now run by Tory government and they are as confused and confusing as every other nation in the world.

Time for a huge attitude change; but, that appears to be very difficult.

Old age fears rules the roost. When young are elected to government they are ousted. President Kennedy was the youngest president ever elected. He wanted peace, equality withdrawal of western countries from Cuba and Vietnam. He and his brother were annihilated and the southerner replaced him and the turmoil and injustice continued and is still continuing today.

They have been put there because the aged are afraid of change. They believe that FIGHTING for peace is the only way. Horrible thing to say but it is and always was a fundamental truth.

As you grow up or grow old, our false fear factors take hold of your consciousness and protective cautionary tactics are always implemented as a means of survival. Then that fear beholds our home-life, schools, towns, states, nations. Those fears are our ingrained allegiances from our past lives and they personify us as individual humans. They are literally etched into the binary codes of our DNA to structure our physical bodies as those walking, talking fears in every existence. When we react to our surroundings we are altering our DNA so we can evolve into our new incarnated state in our next existence.This is human evolution. We self actualize with every thought, words, and reactions, altering the binary codes of our DNA re-creating our personal appearance every second of the day, preparing us for our next existence..

That is how we became us today and how we will evolve into the new beings in our next existence. Scientific research has discovered that the initiation of alzeimers is evident in cells of new born children, they want to find out how it arrived there. At this time they haven't looked into past life research.

This evidence that when we die, we transform into our cursed verbal accusations of those allegiances and return as that personified fear and so, your reincarnation continuum ensues and your history repeats itself again.

When I first started re-examining the religions factions, one question arose as to why some formats remained and why others faded. My hypnotherapy studies revealed the answer when I questioned previous theories of us dying and going to a heavenly place before we returned. What I discovered was when in a heavenly state of unconditional love, it was still the attitude of the earthly soul; it didn’t alter.

The human maintained the same religious allegiances of prejudice, bias, bigotry, sexism, racism and injustice. We remain the same consciousness as we were when we lived on earth; It doesn’t alter and all our future lives are based on those same discriminate bigoted linear perceptions. We simply return to our higher sub-consciousness.We continue our existence in the subconscious state of our existing alter ego. Buddha uncovered this 2500 years ago and we still don't understand it.

As yin yang we exist together in every existence; one male, one female; one perpetrator one victim; one mortal living in the now, one memory re-establishing the past. That's why your surroundings are feedback only. They are emotional re-actions created at the same time, same place and with the same words in every existence. I didn't recognise how accurate it was until I heard the song History Repeats Itself in 1966. It revealed all the intricacies of the most intimate moments in all the participants lives and how they re-echoed through both periods in time perfectly 100 years apart.

All my previous studies created a more spiritually romantic edge to my existence of gods, saviours, and demons; however, this theory is more practical and profoundly basic. If we, per se, in our past life verbalised horrendous accusations against women or coloured or ethnics, we have imprinted that information upon our DNA to re-exercise. It is not punishment, it is simply binary coded transcriptions .

Now let's add yin/yang and karma information to the equations;you have to alternate your experience from one gender to the other and you have to experience every accusations you expressed from the perspective of recipient. By dying you made the physical and mental transformations. You then return to a place, time and space in time where that algorithmic code is universally synchronised to comply again.

No fantasmagorical gods or demons to save or doom our souls, just the simple science of maths.

This is the ongoing process of how we, through our past life allegiances and belief systems, are caught up in a yin yang karmic balancing act with no control, other than our reactions to a situation which then starts the ongoing continuum again.

By realizing we were duped by greedy power mongering capitalists centuries ago through royalty, governments and religions, we are now able to see a continuum of massive world control and victimisation through wealth and we are then able to restructure a new one. We cannot alter the world. To do that we only empower the fights. We have to lay down our arms and sit in peace.

If all our past life allegiances are attached to fear and then all our results today are fear based. Imagine if we altered our perception of US from fear to peace. Imagine if we altered our prejudice to allowance. Imagine if we refrained from fighting to achieve peace and actually lay down our arms and walked away from the fight.

As Mother Theresa said “ I will not march against war; I will sit for peace.” No movement, no action no retaliation, no screaming or yelling outlandish slogans. I am sitting for peace, justice and human rights." And there is the answer in one sentence.

You have to be the EQUALITY now for it to exist; You have to be true LOVE now for it to exist; You have to be the PEACE now:

You cannot FIGHT for love; You cannot FIGHT for peace; You cannot FIGHT for equality:

We through our past life allegiance be they religious, political, ethnic, have fought to create balance and it is through the empowerment of the fight that the angst continues.

The only one who can alter your way of life is you. The only one who can love you truly is you. The only one who can prevent you from being the fearful victim from yourself, is you. You cannot and are not responsible for anyone else, that makes you either perpetrator or victim. You just made you GOD. The old religious principle of you being your brother’s keeper is simply that, old religious dogma. You cannot pick others up, they have to; you cannot save them, they have to; you cannot give them courage they have to find it within themselves. I’m not talking about an accident in the street, I’m talking victimisation.

You do for others, you empower you, dis-empower others. Who gave yo the right to play GOD?

You have a choice Love or Fear. You hold the key to both. They both place you in a reincarnation continuum however one you react to the other your respond to, which means everything you think do and say is of your choosing.

All my books which are available to download from my website teach how we can alter our perceptions of us, change your life from one of victimised abuse to one of empowerment. I show women how to own being women. How to become women in women's clothing instead of women still existing in the male dominant capitalistic narcissistic despotism as a male in female attire, to sell the same debauchery with candy and flowers.

When your read my books, I can supply to you with the tools you need to achieve all forms of non-victimization from domestic abuse to political abuse.. I can show you how to recognise it and allow it to exist without you participating. I can explain how you can achieve equality, love and self-empowerment. I can explain this to you, but I can’t do it for you: You have to choose the how when and why.

By utilising the knowledge of the reincarnation continuum, I am able to see where the rectification needs to be adjusted, and it was a simple misconception that life is outside of us instead of inside. If we return to our source, Us, we again have the capacity to step into the amazing unimaginable.

What urges me to write is my passion for equality for all beings not man alone. We will never archive that until we treat ourselves with the equality we deserve. We won’t achieve that until we learn how to do it correctly. I will keep writing in this anti abusive format continuously strengthening my perspective on the ability for women to self-love and self-empower ourselves to become the equality we deserve. The infallible women of the future who can and do induce equality, justice and peace to all

I do this for me. I own it.

Now do it for you and own it.

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