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Updated: May 5, 2022

Can we refrain from allowing all the emotional infractions of our younger years from becoming so intensely ingrained in our physical body of history that we possibly stay young and refreshed?

Are we really capable of rejuvenating and growing younger by maintaining a better attitude?

Can we maintain the childlike innocence necessary to enjoy every moment of our adult life without being victimised by any of the underlying childhood delinquencies of petty jealousy, envy, hatred, greed and fear from defining it; knowing that those very same bigoted judges responsible for that previous abuse and transgressions surrounding us will still in our adult life verbally opinionate and portray us as unacceptable, imbecilic, immature and childish?

Secondly; cocooned in our haven of peacefulness, are we still able to recognize the narcissistic perpetrators and not be seduced into their turbulent web of manipulating victimisation.

Are we able to differentiate between the abusive deceivers who exploit our gentle kind nature and compassion to appease their own selfish malevolence as opposed to the honest confidante who has our genuine interest at heart?


The more mature we become the less we are capable of seeing future paths. Instead of seeing hundreds of future paths unfolding before us coming ever so closer and nearer creating better opportunities for us to experience; we see the end of our world. However, this doesn't occur and our old philosophers and politicians, who should all be knitting in retirement villages are the ones responsible for creating our antecedent futures from their archaic fears.The results of these actions are; we continue living their lives instead of ours.

We age because, like everything in existence we depend on our reactions to our outer environment to evolve. Those reactions, be it mind, body, or emotion, creates our stress levels, alters our chemistry and the rest is history as they say. All the emotional memories of our past existence, which were encrypted into our DNA, define our every thinking moment in this existence by dictating every inch of our lifestyles. These lifelong belief systems reveal their purpose to us by physically making us age from zero to one hundred. Every action causes an opposite and equal reaction; making you wrinkled through stress, anger, hatred and fear; they weaken our physical structure, confuse our mentality, then, increase our past life memories as a security blanket to cling to.

We start to fall apart from all our overbearing onuses, so we mature and deteriorate as we have done for centuries. This is natural evolution; however I only want to focus on the human evolutionary mindset. Due to our lack of belief in our own immortality we cling to all our old memories in this existence and refrain from creating new futuristic possibilities; that's classed as Sci-Fi.

We then through this depressive nature seek out same minds; the ones who accentuate our now narrow-minded opinions and our way of life, and we all grow old together, in our haven of present limited mortality.

Centuries and centuries of repeated past life memories of heinous experiences en-captured within our DNA for us to re-inflict upon ourselves unto death in this life time again. That is our evolutionary path; that is why we are the colour, shape, size physically and mentally that we are at this time; we advance and evolve and bring all the detailed data of our past to surround us, to inform us. The wars, the slaughter, the impoverishment, the murders, the bigotry, the racism, sexism and abuse; through our world, it is all exposed to us as feedback and our reactions are synchronistically orchestrated to empower them to continue.

At every inadvertent opportunity, at every moment of the day, we roll over and start becoming that aged personality that utilizes our life experiences as educational genre for the younger generation.

When do we decide to grow up? Believe it or not we don't decide; it is default. That theory alone should explain the synopsis of our programmed repeated histories.

Can we refrain from allowing all the emotion attachments of this life from becoming ingrained in our body of history and stay young and refreshed? No one has ever done it; but, it doesn't mean it cannot be done.

My son in law laughed at me when I said “when I grow old,” declaring I was already old.

Society classes me as the mature aged person and with that identification comes certain requirements. That was when I realised I was being put into an aged box and I now have to behave in a specific way. There are certain standards that I have to uphold for me to gain my aged pension and medical access. The barbaric thing is the vanilla pensioners. The underhanded wealthy and rich aged, who have accountants and lawyers who tweak the system to be paid by the government so they don't have to spend or pay tax on their high earning investments; however, they deem themselves as aged pensioners; not in my world. I know the laws of Karma. I realise how this law of opposite and equal value will perform and I leave them to live their their existences, all of them. I simply choose not to be the person who will harm them. This is one of our first vital steps.

What if we chose not play with the aged group minds that grow old; if we choose not to maintain our fearful archaic attitudes of fear and distress and start conceiving unimaginable futures for us to return to?

What if we decided that we wished to exist like a Wiltipolls?

Wiltipolls are large, easy-care, plain-bodied sheep that shed their own wool annually. They do not require crutching or shearing and do not suffer readily from fly strike. Once their wool is sheds they become brand new stream lined sheep, young, fresh and ready to start again. It physically rejuvenates.

This course of action is only for those who want and are capable of understanding our ongoing immortality; they know that they will return again soon by watching the younger generation in front of them who are predicting part of their future paths. They could be their great grand parents. The path they are walking now is determining the beginning of the future path you will return too; that's exciting!

My aged environment is surrounding me with people who are or have died while others are physically incapacitated, obese and have difficulties existing.

My studio is where I write and it is filled with computers and my contact with the outside world. This is where I contact the young ones, be they family friends and internet acquaintances. This is my future interacting with my present. It's informing me of what is in store for me. I will be returning to a highly computerized age of communication; that's immortality in action. This new belief system eradicates all fears of death and stagnation. We gain an excitement for future lifetimes and we stop creating painful heinous paths to follow; we start creating future paths we want to experience.

There will always be those who are extremely happy growing old and they prefer to sit back, grouch, and allow all their old imprisoning memories to inundate their lives and create their ongoing futures, but for those of us who want to grow young instead of old, we can choose to follow the real teachers in front of us. Let me explain in more depth.

In this country there are those white supremacists both male and female, who protest and verbally opinionate their racist, prejudice and bigotry views against other nationalities entering this country and to quote them "stealing our homes and jobs. This is our country."

Two hundred years ago white supremacists came from England and Europe and stole this land from the original aboriginal owners. Half a century ago Hitler white washed Germany of all Jewish races; Putin invaded the Ukraine to own it. The Crusades, the civil American wars; the English, Irish wars the list is endless; not one nation, nor one land is untouched by this usurping arrogance by narcissistic supremacists; but, each case clears the way for future development.

Karmic retribution: Opposite and equal value. The ones who are bitching now are the ones who usurped the land in the past, and they will be the ones on the other side of the fence in their next existence; why because we self actualize. As long as we keep maintaining past memories, attitudes and habits, we will keep empowering them to re-generate them.

It is the teachings of those bad attitudes that the new generation has to release. Instead of remaining in the aged's mindset of possessive limitations, imagine the possibilities of unimaginable expansion. In all cases the narcissistic supremacists dreamed of world dominance and expansion at the high cost of human life and slavery. That is all inter-grained in your past DNA, now you know how it all ends. Allow it to continue; just not with you. You've already experience it, now start again..

We have to release all those victimisational emotional attachments that are dragging us down. To do that we have to recognise them and that’s not an easy task. Once we recognise them we have to be responsible for them because you chose to carry them. It is as if you are a walking compost heap and underneath all that discomposure which is discerning your aged attitude, is a very small beacon vying to be seen.

The reason narcissistic perpetrators and victims surrounded you is because within you is the binary coded manure that attracted them to you. The entirety of every imprisoning past life attachment has through society, family, work associates, physically, mentally, and verbally imposed upon you the boxlike world in which you dwell.

Now what you need is some inspiration strong enough to reach that magical beacon inside you and relight it. Once it is awakened it smoulders slowly attracting to it all the people who are already enlightened; then your flame awakens; it grows and becomes very much alive and it then becomes unstoppable.

By examining the generations younger than you; by analyzing their talents, potential and possibilities what you can see is a much smaller international world all working together equally. Today these generations are engrossed in the world of computers. Their parents go off their heads and try to distract them saying 'they need outside connections to people.' but what if they don't? The next generations are displaying our future paths? A world where you don't go outside but work internationally through the world wide web. Racism, bigotry, judgement, criticism of others would be a thing of the past. As an internet entrepreneur, you would make far more money and have far more time to enjoy the luxuries of life and you could live anywhere you wanted without being an imposition. That's the immortal future inspiration you cling to, to return to, not the bigoted past stalemated infringements.


When we reach into our true immortality we lose the fear of death and finality. We continue creating better and better experiences to return to. We remain happy even unto death, for we see ourselves walking through deaths curtain to our next experience. It's exciting and liberating, We are no longer defined by past imprisoning ordeals of fear We have deleted them from our our slate and we are starting from scratch with new ideals for everyone equally. This is the future of all those who are prepared to let go of all past detrimental limitations that keep repeating and victimizing them generation after generation because you keep creating it by not letting it go. Bring into you life now, people places experiences happiness and joy that you want to return to to experience.Where do you find these things? On your computer; go to your future world and experience it now. Don't get caught up in paths you do not want too follow. Be selective; en-capture the world and it's people at its' best and create you future journey that you want to experience. If it makes you smile and you want more I'd say you're on the right path of immortality forever.

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