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That final awakening must be seriously confronting. Many people on their death beds rally and medics and families make all forms of allegations as to why, but the most prominent reasoning is the suggestion that "it wasn't their time yet;" but, what if it is some thing more?

Another major coincidence that often occurs is alterations in the patients attitude to their outside world. Wills and estates get changed to more justified outcomes; letters are sent to supposed enemies with apologies for unreasonable transgressions.

Onlookers assume it was their brush with death that created the change in personality; but, what occurred to manifest such drastic and dire alterations?

Studies dating back over 2500 years ago have not only suggested our position of yin/yang in each existence, but also the transformation of the genders in each incarnation. That information also verified the perspective of the perpetrator/victim transformation of our continued immortality. Insinuating that the enforcer in one lifetime will be the victim of their own transgressions in the next.

Although through my studies of hypnotherapy I have never personally encountered the phenomenon of the confrontational awakening; I'm going to suggest that the lucky ones who through NDE's who have returned with a new attitudes and a new leases on life, have.

While on the other side they uncover the laws of the universe in action. They comprehend all the results of the transgression not only imposed by them while in existence; but, the world surrounding them as well. They visually conceive the purpose played by our exterior world and how it is our past life alter ego of both genders performing and physically informing us of all our past discriminations. They now completely understand the phenomenon executed by their acts of self-actualization in past, present and future.


Before them in i max cinema scope is the entire mathematical equation of universal law. You are not harming any body else; you are totally responsible for you and your world. Others may participate, but, they are only feedback telling you what you created and are still creating.

Your world is a replay of all your past life memories being exposed to you through the higher consciousness of your opposite and equal valued opponent. Meaning if you are female, it will be male and if your are male it will be female.

Understanding the concept that you are universally one with all things cosmic at once including your past, present and possible futures is a lot of technical jargon to grasp; however, once you do, you comprehend the huge responsibility you carry with every though, word, and action. You acknowledge that every action has an opposite and equal valued repercussion, good and bad.

Is this what occurs when you have your NDE? (Near Death Experience)

In your passing mode you see the the outcome of all your deliberate childish actions to eliminate different children from your will for some petty reason. now you see that the same pettiness will occur to you and that small inheritance would have saved your life; or that petty argument that will continue for centuries creating and causing ongoing unnecessary pain which will transform into some unhealthy illness you can't control due to dominating hatred; is it worth the ongoing pain?

Until you are confronted by your own awakening moment will you refuse to understand that you are totally responsible for all the personal and international occurrences that occur in your existence. Your reaction may be but I'm against the invasion of the Ukraine by Putin how does that have anything to do with me?

It's not about the actions that you have to focus on; they are simply physical visuals of the outcome devised by your past emotional actions. They are informing you of the intensity with which you expressed it. Now you are seeing the repercussions of your judgemental verdict.Your emotional voices from your past, present, and future as both male and female. The narcissistic bullying, the usurping of other's property, the arrogance, the lack of equality, respect, for your fellow human beings; all of it explained before you, if you listen.

Although your world is informing of it's present condition; it is also informing you of the journey you have and will be taking. Your unsettled disposition is expressed in everything around you, now with this shocking new awakening of who you truly are, you have the option to alter you all of it

Look into your mirror; who do you see? Who have you abused or been abused by. Do you hold any grudges or regret? They are your answers. You do not have to find your nemesis on face book or the social pages and send out remorseful apologies, no one does. Those people were your feedback, informing you of who you were at that moment in time and what that specific emotional attitude will warrant in your future. You cannot alter your past, but you can alter all future ramification comprised from that same emotional impact, that's all you can do alter you and your future path will follow suit.

Yes alter that petty, vindictive will to incorporate all those you love so you will be redeemed in your future life. Power plays are for fools who cannot see any further than this lifetime and I'm continuously asking "is that what your really want to re-experience?" At the moment my world is filled with deadly viruses, restrictions, greed, panic and pathetic capitalistic wars and I have studied history for comparisons and all of this has been done before. I'm being informed I participated in much of these disturbances and if I want to continue on these diabolical paths, alter nothing.

But what if I don't? What if I choose to take another path how do I achieve it?

I alter my attitude to me and my surroundings. I display gratitude, for all the information shown to me not the circumstances. If I become opinionated against Putin and his government I am empowering the emotional impact attached to the names of the persona represented by the narcissistic despotic usurper and his country.

If that emotion is activated within me, I will continue back on the same path of usurping vengeance. That is not a path I wish to return to. I choose not to empower the predator, however I do embrace with love and appreciation, those who support the victims. This way I empower universal equality for the future.

So, now I acknowledge that I understand what happens if I express any adverse opinion of the circumstances; I now see the entire outcome, I see the people it destroys and the harm it causes, and if I pass judgement. I too will re-experience the entire scenario. Now I understand how my act of emotional self-actualization can force me to re-experience the barbaric behaviors of man; I created it:

With open eyes I can now choose to no longer follow the exacerbating behavioral patterns of man and I can now create self-empowering patterns to create equality, empowerment, and peace for all mankind in a future I wish to return to. That's a history worth creating.

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