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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Reading about karma and actually practicing it are two very different actions. Understanding Karma is the awakening moment when you discover that you are the only one completely responsible for your all your outcomes past and present. You may pray to a God for help; you make blame the outside world for your enigma; but the final decree of your saving grace, belongs with you.

I tell this particular story because over the last two years it has crossed my path in many similar ways and although it is not my place to tell others how to live their lives, I now feel it is time to offer another option vying for a different choices.

Once a puzzlement erupts the continuance always reveals itself the same way; however, the victim is looking at the reality challenge before them and they are trying to find an escape. This is always the time of ultimate decision making. It is always the time when detrimental choices are paved before you. Decisions you should not have to make. Decisions that may put your life in danger; lose a long loved friend; hurt a loved one; decisions that tear at the very essence of your soul, and there is a reason for that.

They are called your soul wrenching decisions for a very good reason; they are your karmic resolutions. To understand how they work you have to be able to step out of the emotional entanglement and analyze the entire story in past, present and future mode. or Karmic mode.

To carry out this exercise you have to reverse the Karmic law of opposite and equal value and examine it from victim perspective. Who are the real victims in this current situation. What do they have to do with you. If they are victims now; then, their feedback reads that you were the same type of victim in your past life. they are your story.

It is also saying that; in this existence you are the perpetrator. and now in this excruciating moment of decision making you have the ultimate choice to, (listen to this part, it is important,) to save your life.

Let me give an example that occurs regularly, but we as ignorant bystanders do not realise the horrific situations some magnificent peacemakers have to face on a daily basis.

In a war torn area of the world families, children, and babies are suffering and dying due to ongoing bombing, lack of clean water, sanitation, medication, hospitals and housing.

Let's say you as a health volunteer have been asked to go to the worst of areas on a front line; you are not a soldier, you could not save yourself under attack; this order scares your to death. You do not want to take it. Your fear of your death has you bound; you cannot see past it. Your pray to your God for salvation. You stress at the outside world and your superiors for not understanding.

In the universe of immortality this continuum is predestined. In your past life you were the young child in opposite gender caught up in the war torn world of starvation, impoverishment and seriously injured victims. You too prayed to your God for salvation but it didn't come. Why didn't it come?

Now in this life time you find out why. If you cling to your fear of death you will live in your own creation of hell for centuries. This ongoing continuance of abandonment and deprivation will continue. No God will help you, for no God created this; you did, and only you can rectify it. This is your life and your life alone. We are not divided up into lifetimes, we are transformed into our Karmic opposite over and over again. It is simply an alteration of action verses reaction.

If you release your fear of death and awaken to your immortality you are capable of not only defying death but rectifying the present moment in time; and saving your life in the future as well. Once that occurs, your slate is clean, and you get to start again.

The Laws of Karma are not rules of punishment for one life only, they are the rules of feedback for all our lives. When we learn to decode it's feedback, we gain the opportunity to make the unfathomable decisions and charge ahead without fear. We make heroic decisions to save the world and resolve some extremely unacceptable situations knowing we are making a universal difference for the world, by saving us.

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