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Updated: Jul 3, 2022



The educated child within me evolved from the post war baby boomer attitude of procreate and create more men... not women. The country had enough women. This country had lost a high percentage of their young men in the European war because we were part of the British Empire; the rest is history.

During the war women expressed their intelligence and resilience in the work force as they took over the jobs of the missing men, building and constructing all the equipment needed to supply our men in arms. They weren't educated to carryout these tasks, they did it using their educated means of running a home and employed it in the industry diligently

Once the war was over they were instructed to return to the menial tasks of house wives and mothers. They had to return to the bullying obedience of male dominance; however, the war had scarred many of the returned servicemen mentally. The war wasn't the easy picnic these vain cocky young soldiers thought it was going to be. The shock of the noise and the ongoing death of men women and children, lack of sleep, and constant invasion of the enemies armory left many of them distraught. They fell on hard times through alcohol, and unemployment, leaving many families suffering from ration shortages and starvation.

This was the beginning of the silent intelligent revolution. Women started silently working to gain income under duress. They would be paid under the counter in cash. They were over worked and under paid but circumstances forced them to take the conditions in their own hands. They needed help to feed their families; but, the male contingencies saw it as females taking male jobs. They created unions to stop it. What they neglected to see was the breakdown of the male work force. Long term this union's biased attitude devastated the Australian economy by shutting down many employers.

This disobedience introduced the battered housewife of the 1950's to the threshold. It was not only allowed but enforced by principals of government, churches, heir arch families and educated schools. The woman's place was in the home. Educating women was a waste of time for they only marry, have children, run homes, they CANNOT and do not have the mental capacity to run big business; this has been proven throughout history. (Even Elizabeth the first had to put up with this crap; but she outwitted them at their own game, she won and lost. She wore women's garment but still had to rule the world from the arrogant male perspective; Same with Victoria and QEII. She is simply a very wealthy icon like a movie star...worthless as an intelligent woman)

However there are women today who are proud to be the intellectually empowered women they are. Michelle Obama for one; Jacinda Adhern NZ prime minister and my own personal favourite who pisses the Qld male narcissistic establishment off no end, Annastacia Palaszczuk. When the dominant states of Australia started bullying her over her decision to keep her state safe during the pandemic, she quietly stood up and stated "Qld will no be bullied." So proud to be a Queenslander then. These women took their educated pasts and re-invented the intelligent powerful woman who now change the world's next generation and prepares them for better paths..

The younger generation still suffer from past life educated rules and regulations. The male dominant facade still exists in politics, religions, schools, where the males still utilise their sexual prowess and rape many young female victims through drugs or bullying. The females are forced to believe it is their fault and fail to report this illegal act. She smiled at him, said she like him, that does not mean she wants to FUCK him. She is not leading them on, she is responding to his advances; he's the one who is sexually aroused, so take it in hand and leave her alone. New Law You fuck her without her verbal permission, in writing, you're not a man, you're a narcissistic rapist, or a more blatant terminology; you use sex to abuse people.

That educated arrogance dates back to past the pre-christ times, when women and female children were stoned or burned to death. You are repeating your past ignorance where man lived by his appendage in his pants because he knew no better. He would exclaim that women were evil demons or witches who seduced their minds. The laws then allowed him to rape the virgin of twelve, just before they burned her to the stake or stoned her to death. All the innocent child did was obtain water from a well near his property. His body did the rest. He didn't need any devil to seduce him. This reaction still exists today. One seductive image from a magazine and a males body parts stands to attention: no females caused this, his imagination did.

The actions and laws supporting this ignorance of men's responsibility still apply today. She did it to him. The problem with this situation is; the female can say "NO" but according to the male narcissist, she didn't mean it. Then this innocent will be raped or murdered, but the biggest bullying tactic performed by the male species from past life education is;

"If he can't control her, he will control the way other s perceive her."

For her "disobedience," she will be targeted and bad mouthed by the narcissistic bullies both male and female.That is past life education; it transpires still today throughout most of the capitalistic high schools and the world of capitalistic commerce, law, politics, religion, and higher education.

Narcissistic Law Of Yore Women are allowed to work along side men; but they are only allowed to be excel as high as the narcissistic male will allow. The minute she starts surpassing him, he starts manipulating and betraying her with the very intuitive initiative that excelled her in the first place. They use her talent as a weapon deeming her and her more advanced attitude as a failure, forcing many really good women to resign under the duress of male team betrayal while their arrogant male counterpart continues successfully in the boys club.

We fought in the sixties, seventies and eighties for equality. This new generation believe we have achieved it; but, we haven't. We have equality on their terms. Nothing has changed. I know this sounds sexist, but bullying was predominantly male orientated, now that attitude, unfortunately is equal. That is what I'm discussing here. We as women have equalised ourselves but we downgraded ourselves to the past educated level of the narcissistic male bully.


Any woman who wants to be equal to a man...lacks ambition

From the sixties through to now that is what we have done. We have equalised our true female potential to the male past life standards. That's education; that's what the next generation were taught. Now those results are exposing themselves with even worse drawbacks. They are still barbaric sexual predators; but now the female as recipient takes the brunt of the fall; that's their interpretation of male equality.

Questions; If you ruled the world would it be the same? Why and why not?

If you were the leader of Russia, USA, Europe, Britain, Australia, would you rule as they are doing now? Why and why not?

If you had the opportunity to make a difference in your life, where would you start?


In each existence we alter from male to female. The educated world surrounding you is your alter ego informing you of your past educated memories, that's all. They are not sealed in concrete; you have already experienced them from both perspectives but you had to re-experience them again this time as recipient to understand, that's karma; so, now you know why you had to re-experience that unacceptable behaviour; but, you no longer have to continue on that journey of narcissistic male dominance. You've seen the outcome; you experienced it; you know how it feels, you know how it

ends; so, now it's over, finished, done.

This is where your new awakened intellectual power kicks in. All the dogmatic views of yore are exactly that; old fashioned educated views of your past experiences. They brought us all to this precise moment in time.

We would not be here without anyone of those components both male and female. This is not a sexual argument that we as female can be better than the male; the intelligent argument is: both female and male can be better than the circumstances constantly presented before us to endure.

You cannot change the world for it is simply mirrored reflections of your past life memories. What you have to alter is your intellectual power over it. You are no longer victim to your circumstances; your circumstances reflect who you were and are and possibly who you can be. That information is your intellectually empowering moment; don't fight it; use it to empower you with a far better result. Don't get me wrong; the ability to stop yourself from dropping some narcissistic sexist fool takes patience; but, the recognition that, at that precise time in your past life, you were that same jerk; this awakened intelligence inspires you to higher awakening and you are able release that part of your past personality. What occurs then is your altered binary codes delete those personas from re-appearing.

You cannot alter the education system; for to put an empowered intellectual in a school as a teacher would not only upset the principal but many bigoted parents as well. What you can do is teach self respect, and self love with every word and action you perform daily. This is learning to be true to you; becoming the you that you wish to project to the world.

You will continue to be insulted, chastised and denigrated but by remembering that is who you were, not who you are, should empower you more; for that intricate minuscule amulet is a diamond in disguise. Do as Annastacia and Jacinda did. They verbally disregarded insulting slurs commenting they will give no attention to any abusive situations, however, they will always give heed to those who are victims of similar abusive situations and stand beside them.

This weapon allows all women, subservients, coloured, the oppressed, to get out from under in societies and stand tall against narcissistic bullying




Bear in mind for centuries you in all your worldly forms imposed this narcissistic barbaric behaviour through violence, war, usurping, murder, enslavement; so, finding our way back through our quagmire of horrendous injustices is to be expected. The difference this time is; we are not going to react to our environment and re-empower it again. We have reached our pinnacle of the true awakened intellectually empowered person and we do not have to fight back or hide in some abbey to preserve it. We simply have to OWN IT.

The rules;

Your outside world is simply your past life educated memories informing you of who you were and where you've been.

You react; you re-create all of it again. That's why the world is as big as it is; that's why every nation acts the same way. You as a usurping barbarian stole their lives. Now fix it. Only you can. How?






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